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Here are 5 simple ways to get your finances in check during your early 20's.

Managing your money as a young adult can be tough especially if you are transition from bad money habits to good ones. This quick video put together by Josh MacDonald shows 5 money tips from the self-made millionaire Kevin O'Leary
5 Money Tips For People In Their 20's

Tackle Your Money Issues Early

The best way to ensure financial stability and wealth in your future life is to start early in life or a soon as possible if you are a little older! This quick video shows 5 money tips from Kevin O’Leary that apply to young adults looking to improve their financial journey. Regardless of age these are still very good principles to apply. Taking steps like discussing financial planning with your partner and eliminating excess spending are just some of the ways you can impact your long term savings.

  1. Bad Financial Planning Leads To Divorce
  2. Don’t Spend Money On Stuff You Can’t Afford
  3. Pay With Cash Not Credit Cards
  4. Stop Buying Condos Downtown
  5. Education Is Not A Prerequisite For Success


Money Seeds & Other Tips

If you like these financial tips take a look at the Money Seeds series in our blog! The articles detail step by step planning to cultivate your income to work for you and grow into a money tree. We also encourage all of our readers to start in on the dollar a day savings challenge! With this simple practice of saving daily, you can take your emergency fund from $0 – $365 (minimum) in a years time! Saving more daily means exponential returns.

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