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Ease some of the stress with this helpful video that shows you how to breakdown your bank accounts.

Reign in your finances by separating your household income into these seven bank accounts every family should have. Content creator, Jordan Page, gives you the full breakdown in this video.

Divide And Conquer Your Income

Managing your personal budget can be tough, but managing the money for an entire household is a much larger task. If you’re having trouble keeping track of the various expenses you pay for each month you’ll benefit greatly from diversifying your bank accounts. In the video above, Jordan Page provides a great outline that goes beyond a traditional joint savings accounts and an emergency fund. In this day and age it’s best to be protected on all fronts!

Teach The Kids How To Save

Financial discussions between parents is important but you should consider teaching your children these habits as well. Talk to your kids about the family’s savings goals and get them involved with the process early. One way to teach them the benefits of saving their income is by giving them an allowance for different chores or behaviors! If they are raised with these concepts, they will not be intimidated or controlled by money as an adult.

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