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Learning about money and practicing good financial planning early is key to having a successful and stable life in the future.

Financial planner, Jeff Rose, talks us through 7 financial skills for high school students in this very informative video. Using these tools and ideas will give you a leg up in charting your financial destination.

Educate Yourself Young!

Like many people Jeff wishes he had learned more about finance and basic money skills when he was a kid. His lack of understanding lead him to massive credit card debt at the age of 19. While it is great to see such a come back, imagine the value that could have been generated with proper practice from the start.

Quick Tip: $5 Dollar Saving Challenge  -If you start investing with all the $5 dollar bills you can across you could see exponential savings over time.

#1: How Credit Cards and Interest Rates Work
#2: How to Balance a Checkbook
#3: Budgeting Basics
#4: The Power of Compound Interest #mindblown
#5: How to Build Credit (or not ruin it)
#6: Investing and Stock Market Basics
#7: How to Start a Biz-nass

Resources For Financial Literacy

These 7 financial skills for high school students are a great starting point for financial education. For more information on money and finance take a look at our blog and Money Seeds Series. The series helps breakdown the steps of becoming financially independent and living off of your money tree. You should also consider listening to the Good Financial Sense Podcast for great ideas to manage your money. Other great resources include, and more. Visit our resources page for additional links and bonus content.

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