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The personal finance crisis affects millions of families and individuals in the United States.

Author of the book 55 And Faking Normal, Elizabeth White shares a story all too familiar in today's economic landscape. She tells the story of a someone who was once full of life and promise, but now treading water financially in the later years of their life.
An Honest Look At The Personal Finance Crisis Elizabeth White

Uncovering The Personal Finance Crisis

Elizabeth White provides an authentic and critical look into the struggles that many Americans face today. With mounting credit interest rates and stagnant wages, the average person today has to make their dollar go much further than in prior years. Elizabeth has experienced this firsthand, describing how she’s been affected by this even more with age. A key takeaway from the video is that she’s hardly the only one facing this problem and being a graduate of Harvard, says more about the obstacles in place than her work ethic or economic value.

Straight Not Failure

Another key take away mentioned in the video above is her concept of strategy and failure. Rather than being doomed to fail by your circumstances adopt a strategy to impact your future, because it’s never too late! Kick start your saving fund with the dollar a day saving challenge or “small-up” as she describes and down size your means.



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