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Money Saving Tips

The Go Grow Money blog offers a variety of resources for those looking for help with personal finance and financial literacy. Our tools like the ABC’s of Finance provided real word definitions and examples for common monetary terms and principles. Additional posts include the Money Seeds series and other featured work from around the web.

Money Seeds Chapter 6 Branches

Money Seeds Chapter Six: Branches

Choosing The Right Investment Now that you have start up capital for your business and investments you can ultimately start…

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Money Seeds Chapter 5 Stem

Money Seeds Chapter Five: Stem

Free Capital Or Extra Money Once your roots are established you must push beyond the threshold of emergency funds and…

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Money Seeds Chapter Four Roots

Money Seeds Chapter Four: Roots

Active Saving In chapter 2 we discussed monitoring your expenses and budgeting properly as a means of passive saving. Building…

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Money Seeds Chapter Three Water

Money Seeds Chapter Three: Water

Food For Thought After you have developed the habits necessary to regulate your income you must educate yourself in the…

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Money Seeds Chapter Two Seed

Money Seeds Chapter Two: Seed

Stop Unnecessary Spending Your income is your seed, with this you have the choice to cast it across the capitalistic…

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Money Seeds Chapter One Soil

Money Seeds Chapter One: Soil

Origin Story Knowing where you are from has the ability to hinder your lifestyle or empower you to exceed expectations.…

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How To Save $1000 A Year

How To Save $1000 A Year

Saving money has the ability to alter your personal future and that of your family, but it can be difficult…

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What Is An Emergency Fund?

EMERGENCY FUND - An emergency fund is a stash of money set aside to cover the financial surprises life throws…

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Book For Entrepreneurs

How To Reach Your Financial Destination

Building wealth is a journey and like any journey the sooner you start the further you’ll go. Regardless of what…

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What Is A Deductible?

DEDUCTIBLE - capable of being deducted. allowable as a tax deduction:Charitable contributions are deductible expenses. noun the amount for which…

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What Is A Recession?

RECESSION - a period of an economic contraction, sometimes limited in scope or duration Definition provided

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Expense Report Template

For a business, budgets must be accurate and concise to maintain the cash flow while improving operations or expanding the…

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