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Join the movement with this simple saving challenge.

Saving money is essential to creating riches and maintaining wealth in the long run. Income does factor in, but it's what you hold on to that counts.

Dollar A Day Keeps The Troubles Away

Start the path to your financial freedom with one single dollar! Think about it, how many dollars do you spend on the average day? Even if you have the essentials covered, unexpected costs can show up at any turn. That said, there’s no reason you can’t put aside $1 (or more) each day for your future. That simple change in behavior will set you on a path far away from your current money woes.

This saving challenge takes a bit more diligence because the fund grows slowly over the course of the year. The upside is that $1 a day is so low risk that it should not have any impact on you day to day budget. If you discipline yourself enough to not spend the savings and take advantage of automatic savings transfers you’ll reap the benefits in the long run.

$365 A Year

When you complete the challenge you’ll have $365 in your savings account ($366 if your lucky!). At this point you can consider saving at a higher rate or sticking the course. Either way don’t stop saving! In addition to that, you should have a new understanding of wealth creation over time. Consistently investing in yourself will eventually give you leverage to invest in others. Remember it’s a marathon not a race.

Investment Hack

Complete the challenge a few times and consider seeding the money into an investment account. From there, you can buy stocks with your annual savings and diversify your potential for wealth. Take it one step further by investing in dividend stocks, this way your savings builds interests and you receive gains on the priced investments in your portfolio.


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