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Entrepreneur Profile: Marq Robinson

Marq Robinson's dedication to great content and good business shines through in his producing and entrepreneurship. Marq is leading contributor and editor of the Go Grow Money blog.
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Marq Robinson is a creative entrepreneur working in the media and arts industries. He grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin immersed in creative programs and developed an interest in business with idea of starting a T Shirt line. Despite that first idea not gaining much traction, Marq stuck with this passion of creating concepts and products. Eventually these pursuits led him to Los Angeles, California to work in the entertainment industry.

With a little bit of school and strong work ethic, Marq has been able to sustain a career in the industry and see the process from a variety of perspectives and roles. That gained knowledge also helped him branch out with a few produced projects of his own, like The Confession with Rob Van Dam and Whack The Folly a short film. He also created the Apartment 20 Podcast a show that features him speaking with up and comers in LA.


In addition to the work in production, Marq has also continued to practice entrepreneurship on the side. His early attempts like AfroStamp, another streetwear collaboration and Apartment 20 Enterprises didn’t last long. As a result, Marq shifted to blogging and refining his marketing skills. After working as an operations manager and building sets at CineSpaces, he had the idea to start a costume service that would compliment the studio. Eventually, that became Thrifty Rents, a costume rental company specializing in law enforcement and medical costumes for productions. In the future Marq hopes to expand his reach as a costume shop in Los Angeles and branch out to other markets within the industry.



Twitter: @marq_robinson
Instagram: @marq_robinson

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