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Free Expense Report Template

An expense report helps entrepreneurs and small business owners keep their finances in order. Take a loot at our customizable template.

For a business, budgets must be accurate and concise to maintain the cash flow while improving operations or expanding the market reach. A proper expense report lets you organize overhead costs, track monthly income, and budget for projects. Use expense report template linked below.

How To Use An Expense Report

  1. Download excel file using link below.
  2. Input expenses and income using the predefined fields
  3. Customize the spreadsheet to fit your specific needs
  4. Evaluate monthly to figure out where to cut costs
  5. Develop strategic oversight for business

Cutting Costs

When operating a business you must consistently adapt to maintain a successful balance sheet. For necessary services and expenses always work to get the best price possible. In most cases, buying items used or online benefits the company.

Business Development

Using the template you’ll have an overview of how and when your cash flows in. The more data you have over time will lead you to better insights and predictability. When you can adequately forecast the income cycles of your business, you’ll have better leverage to develop and launch products. That could mean increasing your marketing spend during consistently slow periods or releasing a new services peak season.

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