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Money Seeds Series

Building your finances from the ground up is no small task especially if you don't have a could network of resources. The Money Seeds series provides a simple outline for you to grow your money tree.
Money Seeds Chapter

The Importance Of Financial Planning

To achieve financial success and freedom from monetary obstacles in your future you must take extreme precaution and begin planning as soon as possible. A financial plan is key to determine your direction. By doing so you can refine goals over the short term and long term to ensure that you are on the right track. To discuss these ideas, we’ve developed this online article series called Money Seeds and have a brief take further describing a financial plan here.

Money Seed Series

The Money Seeds Series breaks down the journey you’ll have to take to reach financial stability. A money tree doesn’t grow over night and neither does wealth. You must tend to your finances faithfully from seed to harvest. Money Seeds offers a few simple principles to shift your monetary habits in a better direction and align yourself with people who grow money. Use these 7 steps to grow your financial reserves and businesses into a nice and shady money tree!

  1. Planting Your Seed In The Right Soil Developing Mental Clarity
  2. Protecting Your Seed Developing Financial Clarity
  3. Watering Your Seed Skill Building & Investing In Self
  4. Anchoring Your Seed Creating A Financial Buffer
  5. Grow Your Finances Outward Building An Investment Fund
  6. Branch Out For New Sources Of Income Secondary & Tertiary Income Sources
  7. Get Paid In The Shade Live Beyond Financial Burdens

Applying these principles to your life will put you on a path to success and financial freedom.

Bonus link to The Budgetnista Blog for more financial resources!

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