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How To Grow Social Media Audience – Simple Tips & Strategies To Build Your Audience Online

If you want to know how you can grow social media audience for your business or personal brand the answer is simple – consistency and engagement. The strategies described below offer tips on how to increase engagement and followers.

How To Grow Social Media Audience – 3 Simple Strategies

Developing Your Audience Online

As mentioned up top the key to growing a fan base is posting consistently and engaging with (nearly) everyone who interacts with the content. A few ways to hack engagement include: post-optimization, hashtag outreach, and more strategic commenting. Providing value for the intended person or audience should be a top goal with each of these approaches. This value will make it more likely that someone will engage with it. Ultimately, the increase in engagements should funnel more people to your profile and lead to an increase in followers. Best case scenario is a virtuous cycle of increase followers leading to increase engagement and so on.

Social Media Post Optimization

Optimizing a social media post requires attention in the caption, hashtags, metadata, and more. These initial details largely impact potential reach for impressions and moreover engagement of the post. When writing captions pay some attention to lengths and style of other posts on the platform for reference, but it’s better to be genuine to the message you want to convey. Hashtagging properly will take a little bit of research as you will have to generate a list of relevant tags that align with the post content. Once you have a list, you can max out hashtags on each post and expand it’s reach. Try using three core hashtags that are directly associated and the rest can be more broad. Metadata like location and people tagging can increase the potential reach as well by associating the content with relevant landmarks or figures. Knowing how to optimize these elements gives you the power to target wide and niche audiences for engagement.

Hashtag Outreach & Trending Topics

Using the hashtag list from earlier, like and comment 10 of the most recent posts under each hashtag. A good time to do this is when your content has been recently posted so it will appear up to date if people check your page. Again, this technique increases the chance of engagement in a broad sense by engaging with users whose interest might align with yours. Trending topics gives you an even more broad reach by allowing you to chime in on topics that might not be directly related to your interests but are socially relevant. Using location filters can help you narrow the scope for regional and national interests.

Strategic Commenting & Sharing

This one sounds more complicated than it is. Simply comment on related posts and recent posts, and share related content that’s new or unique. Commenting goes beyond posting as you are engaging directly with one profile and the potential audience of that post. By targeting specific influencers, brands, or media outlets, you can easily gain impressions from the assumed high traffic of the post. This tactic usually works best when you are one of the first to respond because the original poster might still be online and your response will be more prominent in the thread. When sharing content stick to related interests and fresh perspectives. Doing so can expand the range of your content beyond your POV and attract a different audience.

Premium Value Content

Follow-back campaigns, challenges, and giveaways can also increase engagement beyond your usual metrics. These work best when you have a bit of a follower established already but with the right marketing it can work for a newly launched profile as well. The key is providing an experience that’s either innately engaging or an exceptional deal that get’s people excited. To maximize outreach ask for a follow, share, or comment to be considered in the promotion. If done right, this can push your content and brand much further than the organic reach achieved with simple post optimization and commenting.

Growing And Expanding

The guides listed above provide ways to increase engagement that leads to followers. As you gain an audience, however, it’s important to nurture the community. You can engage with them directly through discussions and promotions or by liking their content in return. Share your growth with them and include them in the journey. Maintaining all of these practices over time will give you a following and not just followers.

10 Steps To Build Your Online Brand From Scratch

1. Pick a platform
2. Create genuine content
3. Develop audience
4. Develop lead content AND genuine content for audience demographic
5. Engage community off-platform via website
6. Repeat steps 1-5 on different platforms
7. Monetize all traffic
8. Reinvest to build value products and services for community
9. Expand niches and interests within reach
10. Repeat step 7-9 indefinitely

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