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Put your discipline to the test with these steps and you'll have a reliable saving account in no time!

Take notes from Jaspreet Singh in his video with Minority Mindset that shows you how to save $2000 fast. Use tips like negotiating lower rates for cable and cellphones to kick start your saving!

Savings Challenges

Take a look at the video to see Jaspreet Singh walk through a few tactics you can use to save money fast. The strategy described reduces costs of expenses and tells you how to apply them to saving an emergency fund. This challenge benefits you long term because you’re essentially trimming the fat from your total monthly expenses. In most cases after doing this step, there’s even more room to save money.

Consider our $1 Dollar A Day Challenge and add another $1000 to your savings in one year.

Pro Tip

Cutting costs from your overall budget can be a major hassle especially when you’re luxuries get removed from the picture. It’s important to know that you don’t have to cut these all out completely. A way around the issue is finding a cheaper (ideally free) alternative. For instance if you need to get rid of streaming services, consider keeping the most budget friendly option and save on the rest. That said, eliminating all excess spending gets the best return.

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