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Planting Your Seed In The Right Soil

Money Seed chapter one lays the foundation for the series. Some climates are easy to flourish in, while others require more finesse to sustain life. Money Seeds Chapter One will show you how to make the best of your surroundings when preparing for your future.
Money Seeds Chapter One Soil

Origin Story

Knowing where you are from has the ability to hinder your lifestyle or empower you to exceed expectations. Most often too many individuals succumb to the former outcome and never reach their true potential. Taking control of your perspective and cultivating a group of peers with the same state of mind will not only encourage you to take the first steps to move beyond your humble surroundings it will also increase the likelihood that you succeed in the long run. Before any progress is made, however, one must ask themselves “Where is it that I want to be?”

Before continuing through the chapter let’s take a second and do some inventory on your life and circumstances. What’s your job title? How many books have you read this year? How much do you make annually? Do you have a family? Do you own your home? Are you up to date on your bills? Do you have any money saved? Moreover, where are you currently in life? Once you have answered those questions truthfully, ask yourself what your goals are for the same questions then assess the difference. Chances are if you are reading this article then there will be great distance between these two answers, but that’s ok because now you have a target and with that target in mind you can begin aligning yourself mentally and physically.

Position Yourself For Greatness

Aligning your mentality with with your aspirations means visualizing your objectives clearly and understanding the perceived distance keeping you from that goal. Fixing your intentions onto a task allows you navigate through the distractions that don’t serve you. For instance, when you GPS a location, the path is direct – a to b. There may be alternative routes available but your directions ultimately remain clear of unnecessary details. Imagine now that the destination is a college fund rather than a fixed location; it shouldn’t be that hard think of how distracting it would be to have constant interference from alternative purchases as this is how things already are. You’ll never achieve financial clarity if you don’t have mental clarity.

Moreover, aligning yourself physically is essential to the process as well. Physical clarity can be described as removing obstacles like people, dead end jobs and other inhibiting factors from your path to success. With each of these obstacles you run the risk of slowing your progress and corrupting your mind which in turn further disrupts the process. Mental clarity allows you to spot these elements easily and position yourself well enough to move around them undeterred. In addition, once the internal and external negativity have been removed from your world, you are all the more free to positive impact and financial growth.

Stay The Course

These ideas are not one-off solutions instead you should strive to make them rituals in your life. Check in with yourself annually, monthly, weekly, and daily, to stay the the course or realign yourself and focus in. Not only will you see yourself benefit from the clarity, but you will also become a beacon for those around you doing the work themselves. As you develop this practice of comparing where you are and who you are with your aspirations you will then have to ask yourself “How do I get there?” The answer is simple, you start with the seed.

Go one step beyond Money Seeds chapter one and learn how to protect your seed here.

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