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Watering Your Seed

Money Seeds chapter three walks you through the water source. The water source represents your knowledge. This is the key to planting a fruitful seed for success. Bring your income to life with knowledge and habits that will lead to a fruitful money tree.
Money Seeds Chapter Three Water

Food For Thought

After you have developed the habits necessary to regulate your income you must educate yourself in the many functions of money. To do so you must open your mind to new ways of thinking by new source material and experiences. Reading is the most common method for strengthening mental capacity, developing connections in the brain, and retaining new information. Another approach lies in acquiring new skills or hobbies. The skills you acquire will be with you for a lifetime and give you another set of tools in life. Using both of these practices you will in time see your mentality shift to being forward thinking and resourceful across disciplines rather than point to point which will ultimately allow you to think critical beyond your pay cycle to develop your income and net worth.

Reading has the ability to increase your memory, vocabulary, and above all else, cognitive thinking. This practice must be maintained actively as a part of your regimen rather than as a recreational hobby. Top executives are known to read almost incessantly and for good reason. Challenge yourself to read at least on book a month with the added intention of doing some reading each day. By exposing your mind to new ideas through literature and articles you can broaden your mental horizons and expand your knowledge from the comfort of your own home or office.

Better Techniques

While skill building is also essential to the process, it has less to do with memory and vocabulary and more to do with cognitive ability and directly increasing your personal value. Regardless of the skills learned there are certain mechanics, and techniques applied during the training that allow you to create new connections in your brain. This connectivity has the ability to sharpen and unlock other abilities. For instance in the case of the skateboarder, not only does he learn to ollie, but in doing so he develops his ability to balance, and establishes a foundation for other tricks to be built off. Moreover, such skill building increases your value in the real world as your scope of expertise widens.

Open Mind Open Income

Being in a constant state of learning keeps your mentality sharp and skills defined. In all cases you will find yourself with an increased understanding of value for objects, ideas, and services. This should also help you with curbing your expenses as you will have new abilities at your fingertips and deeper reasoning to justify or mitigate purchases. As you begin to understand undervalued opportunities, you will be in a position to exploit them for your benefit. Staying open to new ideas means staying open to new sources of income.

Now that you’ve made it through Money Seeds chapter three dive deeper with the next chapter.

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