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Money Seeds 7 Steps To Grow Your Money Tree

Money Seeds

7 Steps To Growing Your Money Tree

Learn how to build your income from a small seed to a flourishing money tree with this quick read. Money Seeds: 7 Steps To Grow Your Money Tree outlines a few principles and lifestyle changes that will surely build you up from a check to check lifestyle to being self sufficient with multiple revenue streams.

Money Seeds Chapter One: Soil

Origin Story Knowing where you are from has the ability to hinder your lifestyle or empower you to exceed expectations. Most often too many individuals succumb to the former outcome and never reach their true potential. Taking control of your perspective and cultivating a group of peers with the same state of mind will not only encourage you to take the first steps to move beyond your humble surroundings it will also increase the likelihood…

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Money Seeds Chapter Two: Seed

Stop Unnecessary Spending Your income is your seed, with this you have the choice to cast it across the capitalistic landscape with little to no discretion or you can plant the seed with intent to prosper in the future. Use your new mental clarity to go through your spending habits with a fine tooth comb. Once you have determined your habits you can work on refining them to leave more of the money behind for…

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Money Seeds Chapter Three: Water

Food For Thought After you have developed the habits necessary to regulate your income you must educate yourself in the many functions of money. To do so you must open your mind to new ways of thinking by new source material and experiences. Reading is the most common method for strengthening mental capacity, developing connections in the brain, and retaining new information. Another approach lies in acquiring new skills or hobbies. The skills you acquire…

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Money Seeds Chapter Four: Roots

Active Saving In chapter 2 we discussed monitoring your expenses and budgeting properly as a means of passive saving. Building from the basic principle of retaining more of your income, we can now take a step further with specific goals and actions. To this end, you must save actively as if it were another fixed expense. Another factor outside of the realm saving comes job security. During the period of preparation and building your foundation…

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Money Seeds Chapter Five: Stem

Free Capital Or Extra Money Once your roots are established you must push beyond the threshold of emergency funds and start developing free capital. Again you must set up a separate account to differentiate the two and discourage spending in excess. By sticking to a plan of active and passive saving, you will develop yet another reserve and with this, you can set your sights on investing and entrepreneurship without the same degree of risk.…

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Money Seeds Chapter Six: Branches

Choosing The Right Investment Now that you have start up capital for your business and investments you can ultimately start branching out figuratively and literally with your money tree. Per your knowledge and skill set you’ll want to pick a potential source of income that capitalizes on your ability. One method would be to launch an ecommerce site to buy products wholesale and generate profit from each transaction. Providing a service is another route one…

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Money Seeds Chapter Seven: Leaves

Retaining Profits Ang Growing More After your first investment proves to be successful, continue saving and planning in the same manner that led you this point. Put aside a percentage to your emergency fund and replenish your business reserve. Repeating these steps will ensure that your reserves never dry out and further strengthen your core finances as you move into tertiary sources of income. Furthermore after moving through this cycle a few times you have…

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7 Steps To Grow Your Money Tree

The Importance Of Financial Planning To achieve financial success and freedom from monetary obstacles in your future you must take extreme precaution and begin planning as soon as possible. A financial plan is key to determine your direction. By doing so you can refine goals over the short term and long term to ensure that you are on the right track. To discuss these ideas, we've developed this online article series called Money Seeds and…

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