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Note Taking Template For Taking Good Notes

Meetings, wether impromptu or scheduled, often involve a lot of information and tasks being discussed in a sometimes non-linear fashion. Take a look at our note taking template for the best results.

Being attentive during a meeting is key to retaining the broad ideas and concepts on the fly. That retention, however, doesn't always carry over once the meeting is done so it's best to take good notes. Our free note taking template will help you organize your notes, meeting agenda, and more all to keep your objectives clear and your projects moving forward.

Quick Guide

  1. Download PDF
  2. Customize fields as needed
  3. Complete each field as needed
  4. Polish and redistribute to meeting participants via email!

Execution & Follow Up

Follow the steps above to help take clear and effective notes during your next meeting. Regardless of your industry or position the template provided has pre-defined fields for easy organization.

Meeting Agenda – Define the meeting schedule
To Be Completed Before Next Meeting – Forecast goals for the next meeting
References & Research – Points of interest to explore
Topics To Consider – Potential courses of action, task, strategies
Notes –┬áSpace for note taking

Post Meeting Email

After the meeting is complete, review your notes for inconsistencies, spelling errors, etc… and compose the info into an easy to read email to the other meeting participants. This will be a great resource for the team to reference later and help hold departments accountable. Not to mention it shows initiative!

***Pro Tip: Automate the process and develop your own form using Google Forms then program it to auto distribute to the team upon submission.

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