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Free Personal Budget Template

Budgeting is a crucial part of financial success. A good one will help you optimize saving and spending. Use this template to get started!

Keeping track of your spending habits can have great benefits long term for your financial stability. When starting on your journey it is important to know what you can and can’t afford. A good budget will help you do just that. The personal budget template we have provided has predefined fields to guide you through the process of tracking your expenses monthly.

How To Use A Budget

  1. Download excel file using link below.
  2. Input Expenses and income using the predefined fields
  3. Customize the spreadsheet to fit your specific needs
  4. Evaluate monthly to figure out where to cut costs

Cutting Costs

Simply downloading the budget and inputting your expenses will not lead to better finances on it own. You must scrutinize the costs to really get the most value out of it. Too many people live beyond their means and justify excessive subscriptions and other purchases. Think long term, $1,000 tomorrow feels a lot better than a few indulgences today.

Savings Goals

As you start to trim costs in your personal budget you can save more and more of your income in various ways. For instance an automatic savings transfer from your main account daily can add up quick with minimal risk. Increase the transfer amount and increase your annual savings. $2 a day may not seem like much, but after a full year of this you would have $730 to move into the next year with and so on. Now imagine if you could save $50 a day!

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