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Insurance deductibles kick back the cost of repair procedures to the policy owner in certain instances of damage or other claims. Understanding these costs helps narrow down the best financial options.

DEDUCTIBLE – capable of being deducted.

allowable as a tax deduction:Charitable contributions are deductible expenses.

the amount for which the insured is liable on each loss, injury, etc., before an insurance company will make payment

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Insurance companies often leave policy owners liable for a portion of the costs of repairs and procedures. The price of the deductible can vary, however the idea remains the same. With these minimum payments in place, the insurer limits their financial responsibility of numerous low cost fixes and lowers overhead costs for the company in turn. When researching healthcare and auto policies keep this cost in mind.


Premiums are another cost to consider when researching insurance. A policy holder must make recurring payments to the insurance company through the duration of the policy, which typically lasts one year. The premium payments maintain the overall coverage and features contained in the policy; the price increases with higher liability coverage and ancillary features. Speaking to an agent about the nuances of policy estimates can drastically the reduce insurance costs without losing too much of the benefit. Keep in mind, in some cases higher premiums will lead to a lower deductible but not always.

Comparing Policies

The two costs outlined above make up majority of the rates associated with insurance but these do vary. Policy owners should get estimates from at least three insurers and take the best offer. While some services like Progressive and QuoteWizard provide industry compared results, speaking directly to an agent can provide more clarity and access to promotions.

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